About Us


Our Starting

SPS was founded in 1996 by two Top-level IPSC shooters; one of them, Ceferino
Masip, also a prestigious gunsmith, who collaborated with Astra from Pais Vasco with the New pistol’s design based on 1911 system, providing the new double-stack grip with integrated mag-well and modular frame, to turn into 2011 model. The first units of these SPS pistols were manufactured in Astra and one year later the SPS factory was
inaugurated in Ripollet (Barcelona), inspired by these models of proven success and becoming a world reference in the field of Sporting shooting with its exclusive models for IPSC and Target, used by expert shooters including European and World

SPS appreciates this trust and will continue to strengthen its commitment to customers, constantly improving quality and service.


Our passion and pride are the satisfaction of our customers.

All the information that we get through direct contact with our shooters is of great help so that our technicians and design personnel can identify what is needed and thus create better and more innovative solutions..


We are committed to offering quality products for our clients’ satisfaction.

Over the years, SPS’s philosophy has been to supply quality Guns while maintaining a good value for money. All people involved in any way of SPS Pistols’ manufacturing and distribution process, have a constant commitment to quality that results in the full satisfaction of each of our customers.


In 2002 Mario Llobet assumed the ownership of the company and became its General Director. Since then, SPS has adapted to new technologies by constantly improving its models. In 2010 an agreement was reached with Metro Arms Corporation, -the prestigious Philippine Gun factory that is running the business for more than 25 years exporting the 1911 models to the United States market-, to manufacture our SPS pistols; while the stainless-steel magazines, -a fundamental piece in any semi-automatic pistol – are manufactured in our facilities in Ripollet (Barcelona).

Years Of Experience