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Innovative design with steel grip made of our best steels, our traditional tight fitting and accuracy; the improved ergonomics and intelligent distribution of mass result in refined operation, even when shooting quickly. The innovative 2-Port Compensator with a very good distribution of the hybrids minimizes muzzle rise and return is prompt, natural, flat and nice, giving as a result a very balanced, lightweight, precise, faster, more reliable hits on target, highly competitive and extended service life as it is traditional in our pistols being able to surpass the 200.000 shots.

This race-ready competition pistol is our flagship for Open Division being the most appreciated by shooters as it ensures a great shooting experience.

The Steel Grip is built in one-piece-steel with trigger bow recesses and ergonomic design with knurled in circles for better grip and stability in hands in all conditions; its mag-well is made of steel too.

Options: Sight, Mount, Thumb-rest, Titanium Nitride Barrel & Compensator



Caliber: 9×19, 9×21, 38S
Dimensions: L260mm, H150mm, W40mm
Weight: 1500gr
Frame: Long Modular Frame, 4140 Steel
Slide: 4140 Hammer Forged, Rear Wide Serrations, Slide Puller
Barrel: 5.5″ Stainless Steel, Ramped, Threaded, Fully Supported, 2 port compensator w/1 un-drilled hole each side
Grip: Steel Grip with trigger bow recesses, Steel Mag-well
Mag. Catch: Alu extended
Trigger: Alu. Long Curved
Safeties: Ambi Extended, Grip Safety
Optical Sights: On request
Magazines: 3 H-C (2x140mm/1x170mm)
C. Approvals: IPSC/USPSA