(Price for Spain, Taxes and Shipping not included)

This race-ready competition Pistol 2011-Style, was World Champion and has been designed with the same features of the Vista Line, keeping the excellent fitting between Frame, Slide & Barrel plus an ergonomic textured non-slip Grip for better comfort, stability and safety in hand in all conditions; lightening cuts to increase cycle rate.

Vista models are designed specifically for Mayor Power Factor ammunition and may not function properly with all factory loads. A good break-in is needed for a proper functioning of the gun.

Options: Sight, Mount, Thumb-rest, Titanium Nitride Barrel & Compensator



Caliber: 9×19, 9×21, 38S
Dimensions: L270mm, H150mm, W40mm
Weight: 1100gr
Frame: Modular Frame, 4140 Steel
Slide: 4140 Hammer Forged Steel, Rear Wide Serrations, Slide Puller
Barrel: 5,5″ Stainless Steel, Ramped, Threaded, Fully Supported 3 port compensator and 4 undrilled holes each side
Grip: Non-slip Polymer with trigger bow recesses and integrated Mag-well
Mag. Catch: Alu. Extended
Trigger: Long Curved
Safeties: Ambi Extended, Grip Safety.
Optical Sights: On request
Magazines: 3 H-C (2x140mm/1x170mm) with Alu Pad.
C. Approvals: IPSC/USPSA